The first edition of the novel Pride and Prejudice

The first edition of the novel Pride and Prejudice

On January 28, 1813, the first edition of the Pride and Prejudice novel by English writer Jane Austen was published. It was her second published novel, After Sense and Sensibility, published in October 1811, approximately 15 months earlier. At the center of the shop is the Bennet family with five daughters, whom their mother wants to marry well and richly as soon as possible.

The Pride and Prejudice novel was printed in the form of three hard-rooted volumes, published by Thomas Egerton, as in the case of the author’s first novel. Jane Austen made only £ 110 in her second novel by asking the publisher for a one-off payment and selling him the rights to the work. It turns out that Thomas Egerton has made several times as much money on that novel over time.

To date, the novel has been screened a dozen times, most notably the films of 1940 (starring Laurence Olivier in the lead male role) and 2005 (with Keir Knightley, Matthew Macfadyen, Donald Sutherland, Tom Hollander, Rosamund Pike and Judi Dench in cast). The novel has greatly entered the general culture, and has inspired a number of covers, the most unusual of which is with the 2016 Pride and Prejudice and Zombies with zombies.

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