The absurd murder of Empress Elizabeth (Sisi) (1898)

The absurd murder of Empress Elizabeth (Sisi) (1898)

The Austrian Empress and Croatian-Hungarian Queen Elizabeth, better known as Sisi, was the wife of Emperor Francis Joseph I and a favorite of the public. She was killed on September 10, 1898, by the Italian anarchist Luigi Lucheni, for an absurd reason. Namely, under the influence of anarchist ideas, he simply wanted to kill someone famous from the high class, so that the whole event would reach the newspapers. When he came to Geneva, his target was the French Duke of Orleans, but since he had changed his travel schedule, Lucheni could not reach him. It was then that Lucheni learned that Empress Sisi was in Geneva, so he decided to kill her instead of the Duke.

Sissi was a bit rebellious in nature so she refused the protection of the police and bodyguards. When she was boarding a steamer on Lake Geneva, Lucheni ran into her and managed to pierce her with a thin blade (pointed rasp). She did not notice that she had been stabbed because of the very tightly tightened corset, so she continued on and boarded the steamer. Only then did she feel a sharp pain in her chest. Namely, a thin blade pierced the heart and led to bleeding, which was not visible from the outside due to the tightness of the corset. She died soon after, and Lucheni was arrested. His smiling face is visible in the photos of the arrest. Namely, he was happy that he managed to kill someone from the ruling class.

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