King Charles VII of France crowned by John of Orleans – 1429.

King Charles VII of France crowned by John of Orleans – 1429.

John of Orleans managed to secure Charles VII. passage to Reims, a city formerly under English occupation, to be crowned legitimate French king there.

King Charles VII of France he was crowned in Reims on the merit of the famous Saint John of Orleans on July 17, 1429. Previously, the English and Burgundians ruled for years virtually the entire northern half of France, and that state had not had its own king since the death of Charles’ father in 1422. This king, Charles VI, recognized the English King Henry V of the Plantagenet dynasty as his successor, thus uniting the crowns of France and England for the first time in history, both de jure and de facto.

The English and Burgundians managed to occupy Paris at one time, as did Reims in the province of Champagne, where French kings were traditionally crowned. Nevertheless, the mentioned Charles VII. he continued the struggle for French independence, first as a dauphin (French dauphin, which was the title of heir to the throne) and then as a contender for the royal title. The French prospects seemed weak until Charles VII. it was not helped by John of Orleans, who reversed the course of the war.

Namely, at the age of only about 16 (1428), she encouraged the defenders of the city of Orléans with her religious zeal, thus preventing the fall of this strategically important French city into enemy hands. The following year, mentioned in 1429, she succeeded in securing Charles VII. passage to Reims, so that there he might be crowned lawful King of France. She was with him in the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Reims during the coronation, which was historically an extremely important event. Namely, with this coronation, which included the royal anointing, Charles VII. became the legitimate king of France, thus ensuring the continuation of the struggle for the liberation of the whole country from the English. At the same time, the legal right of his Capet-Valois dynasty to further inherit the throne was secured (this right had been challenged by the English kings many times during the Hundred Years’ War, by appropriating the French crown).

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