Hitler announced eradication of the Jews – 1941

Hitler announced eradication of the Jews – 1941

According to Hitler, Jews were to be blamed for causing the World War, and the punishment for that was their complete annihilation. 

On this day, Adolf Hitler brought together the highest officials of the Nazi Party (NSDAP) and announced to them his intention of destroying the Jewish race. This occurred in Hitler’s private rooms in the office of the Reich, at Wilhelmstrasse in Berlin.

Present were: Heinrich Himmler (head of the SS and the entire German police), Joseph Goebbels (Propaganda Minister), Martin Bormann (Hitler’s personal secretary), Hans Frank (governor-general of occupied Poland) and around 40 other top party officials. Hitler blamed the Jews for causing the World War. The penalty for this was their destruction. Jews were no longer needed to serve Hitler as hostages against the Americans, because he had already declared war on the United States the previous day.

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