33: How to Calculate the Date when Jesus Christ was Crucified on the Cross?

33: How to Calculate the Date when Jesus Christ was Crucified on the Cross?
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  • Historical event
  • 3 April 33
  • By studying the Gospels and calendar data, Catholic theologians narrowed down the possible dates of Christ's crucifixion and death on the cross on two dates: April 7, year 30 and April 3, year 33.

Although the exact date of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion cannot be said with certainty due to the lack of information, it can be approximately calculated when this key event in human history probably happened.

It is well known that Jesus was crucified on Friday before the Jewish holiday of Passover.

According to biblical scholars, two years come to mind: 30 and 33, where the day before the Passover fell on Friday, April 7 in the year 30 and on Friday, April 3 in 33.

Traditionally, the year 33 is accepted more often, as is this day – April 3, although according to Catholic biblical scholars that date falls too late to comply with one sentence from the Gospel of John (John 2:20).

The term Arma Christi (Weapons of Christ), i.e. instruments and objects with which he was tortured or which are associated with Jesus’ Passion are significant for Jesus’ crucifixion.

These are the Cross, Crown of Thorns, Nails, Holy Lance, whips, Veil of Veronica, hammer, pincers and other items that appear in the Gospels in the Passion of Christ.

Also of importance are the last words of Jesus spoken from the cross (sometimes known as the Seven Last Words from the Cross).

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