2011: Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton

2011: Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton
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On this day the likely future British King William of Wales married Kate Middleton. William was 28, and she 29 and they were in a relationship for almost ten years. They even broke up at one point, but then renewed their relationship and finally decided to get married. On the day of their wedding, a public holiday was declared in the UK.

Around 1900 guests were invited to attend the church ceremony at Westminster Abbey. The groom’s best man was his brother, Prince Harry, and her maid of honor was her sister, Pippa Middleton. The groom wore an Irish Guards mounted officer’s uniform with a blue riband of the highest English order of chivalry, the Order of the Garter, and the bride’s wedding dress was designed by the Alexander McQueen fashion house.

Interestingly, the newly-married couple, despite announcements, did not immediately set off on their honeymoon, but Prince William returned to his workplace as a search-and-rescue helicopter pilot. Only ten days later did they go on their honeymoon. The location was kept secret, but it was later discovered that they were in a villa on a private island in the Seychelles. They remained there for only ten days, because the prince had to return to his job.

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