1953: Stalin Suffers a Stroke

1953: Stalin Suffers a Stroke
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On this day Soviet leader Stalin suffered a stroke from which he would never recover. The events went as follows: the previous night Stalin was allegedly up late having dinner and watching a movie. In the early morning hours on this day he traveled to his dacha (seasonal home) in the Kuntsevo district of Moscow. It was one of Stalin’s favorite residences.

The Kuntsevo dacha wasn’t particularly luxurious, but was exceptionally well-protected; having anti-aircraft guns and around 300 NKVD guards (the NKVD included both regular and secret police).

Stalin’s associates were also present at the dacha: the notorious Lavrentiy Beria (head of the NKVD), Nikita Khrushchev (later Stalin’s successor), Georgy Malenkov, and Nikolai Bulganin (both later Soviet premiers). Stalin retreated to his beadroom in the dacha.

The guards were surprised by the fact that Stalin did not get up at the usual time, but were ordered not to disturb him, so that nobody entered his room all day. It was only around 22:00 in the evening that Lozgachev, the deputy commander of the guards, decided to check Stalin’s bedroom. He found an ugly scene – Stalin lay on his back on the floor near the bed, dressed only in his pajama pants and undershirt. His clothing was soaked with urine.

Lozgachev immediately contacted his superiors, using the phone in the same room. Physicians arrived on the scene and tried to take care of Stalin. However, he never recovered and died four days later. There are several conspiracy theories according to which Stalin’s sickness and death were not natural.

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