1946: Why Were the Nazi Doctors Put on Trial?

1946: Why Were the Nazi Doctors Put on Trial?
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  • historical event:
  • Mass euthanasia and experimentation on humans were among the main points of the indictment against the Nazi doctors. Hitler’s personal physician Karl Brandt was also sentenced to death.

The trial of German doctors from the World War II, who were accused of experimenting on humans and mass murder under the guise of euthanasia, began on this day. Among the defendants was Hitler’s personal physician Karl Brandt. The infamous Josef Mengele, a doctor from Auschwitz, managed to evade justice after the war by hiding across Germany and then fleeing to Argentina. One of the main charges of the accusation was participation in the euthanasia program, which stipulated murdering people who were declared physically or mentally incurably ill. Of the 23 defendants, seven were sentenced to death (including Hitler’s personal physician and head of the German Red Cross). Nine of them were sentenced to prison, and seven were acquitted.

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