1890: Tallest Church Completed (161.5 meters)

1890: Tallest Church Completed (161.5 meters)
Photo Credit To https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ulm-Muenster-20140719-1446a.jpg

The Ulm Minster was built in the gothic style.

The Ulm Minster parish church was finished on this day in 1890. At 161.5 meters, it is currently the tallest ecclesiastical building in the world. At the time it was built it was among the tallest buildings of any type in the world, possibly even the tallest one for a short time.

Although it is often called a cathedral, the Ulm Minster is only a church since it isn’t the center of a bishopric. Construction was started back in 1377, when it was a Roman Catholic Church. For most of its history, however, it was a Lutheran building for most of its history. The building was built in the gothic style. Climbing to the top of the church means scaling 768 steps, but those who manage to do it will be treated to a stunning view from out over the Alps. Fortunately, the church managed to survive of the bombing during World War II mostly intact.

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