1671: The Attempted Theft of the Crown Jewels of England

1671: The Attempted Theft of the Crown Jewels of England
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This day in 1671 marked the attempted theft of the Crown Jewels of England from the Tower of London. Thomas Blood, an Irish-born adventurer, tried to steal the diamonds. Previously, he had tried to attack the castle in Dublin (Ireland), and kidnap the English Viceroy, the Duke of Ormonde, in order to get a ransom. His plan was discovered and prevented.

The theft was carefully planned. First, Thomas Blood visited the Tower of London, dressed as a cleric, and accompanied by a woman who pretended to be his wife. The Crown Jewels could be seen after paying a fee. During the visit, Blood’s “wife” pretended like she needed help, so a guard`s family helped her. Blood and his “wife” became friends with that family, and Blood even arranged marriage of his fictitious cousin and the guard’s daughter.

Blood and the mentioned man came to dinner, and managed to persuade the guard to show them the jewels. Then, they beat him and tied him up, and stole the jewels.  Blood apparently flattened St. Edward`s Crown.

Blood and his colleagues were trying to leave the Tower, when they were stopped and arrested. Apparently, even the king received him, and it remains unclear why he released him. The king even gave him property in Ireland. Later, Blood continued to live in London, and was guest of the king.

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