1536: Anne Boleyn Arrested for Adultery and Incest

1536: Anne Boleyn Arrested for Adultery and Incest
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On this day Queen Anne Boleyn was arrested on charges of adultery. She was the wife of the reigning English King Henry VIII, who previously went to great length just to marry her. In fact, Henry VIII wanted to annul the marriage with his first wife because of her, and when the pope did not approve, the king broke away from Rome. This had long-lasting effects on the clerical situation in England, which are still felt today.

Despite fervently wanting to marry Anne Boleyn, quite soon after their wedding Henry cooled down and began to think of other options. He began to take an interest in another woman – Jane Seymour – which made Queen Anne Boleyn jealous. The misfortune lay in the fact that no live child was born despite her having several pregnancies. Meanwhile, the king took Jane Seymour for his mistress.

To get rid of Anne Boleyn, King Henry VIII sought all possible charges against her. Soon she was accused of adultery with as many as seven men, one of whom was also her own brother – George Boleyn (which would, of course, make it incest). On this day, Queen Anne Boleyn was arrested and taken to prison in the famous Tower of London. She was tried and the verdict was death by burning. However, King Henry VIII “graciously” changed the method of execution to beheading. Four of those men accused of adultery were also executed, including her brother George.

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