1790: Field Marshal who Conquered Berlin

1790: Field Marshal who Conquered Berlin
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  • Historical event
  • 12. March 1790
  • Field Marshal Count Andreas Hadik was one of Empress Maria Theresa's most famous military commanders. In 1757 he managed to conquer Berlin, the capital of Prussian king Frederick II the Great.

Field Marshal Count Andreas Hadik, one of Empress Maria Theresa’s most famous military commanders, died on this day in 1790.

He is particularly well-known for conquering Berlin during the Seven Years’ War. Namely, in 1757 Hadik’s forces reached all the way up to the capital of Prussian king Frederick II the Great (Maria Theresa’s arch-enemy) and conquered it.

Andreas Hadik was awarded the highest military decoration in the country for his successes. Namely, he was one of the recipients of the Grand Cross of the Order of Maria Theresa, a particularly prestigious award that was awarded very rarely. Hadik was awarded the title of Field Marshal, the highest in the Habsburg army. In 1777 he also became a count of the Holy Roman Empire (German: Reichsgraf).

In 1774 Field Marshal Hadik became the president of the Hofkriegsrat (Court Council of War). This was the highest position in the army of the Habsburg Monarchy, and he held it until his death in 1790, i.e. for a total of around 16 years. He was buried in the village of Futog, in what is now Vojvodina (a part of Serbia).

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