1853: Van Gogh Worked as a Christian Preacher

1853: Van Gogh Worked as a Christian Preacher
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This day in 1853 marked the birth of  one of the most famous artists of all time – Vincent van Gogh. He was born in the small town of Zundert in the south of the Netherlands, not far from the Belgian border. Although that area was predominantly Catholic, his father was a Calvinist Protestant pastor.

Little Vincent was interested in art from an early age. Apparently he was a serious, quiet and thoughtful child. At 16, Vincent got a job at an art dealer in The Hague. Soon he was transferred to a branch in London, where he was successful in selling art. That was probably the happiest time of his life.

Van Gogh fell in love with the daughter of his landlady in London, but was rejected. Since then he became increasingly isolated and turned to religion. Eventually, he even became a Protestant preacher. However, he began to develop psychological problems, which would mark the rest of his life.

To this day it has not been correctly explained what Vincent van Gogh suffered from. There are many theories: a form of epilepsy, bipolar disorder, porphyria, or Meniere’s disease. In any case, his works are even more appreciated today, when it is known how much he was suffering at the time he created them.

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