1905: How was Las Vegas Founded and the Meaning of its Name

1905: How was Las Vegas Founded and the Meaning of its Name
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On this day in 1905 the city of Las Vegas was founded in the U. S. state of Nevada. The name of the state and the city came from the Spanish language. Namely, Nevada means Snowy (after the Sierra Nevada mountain range) and Las Vegas means The Meadows. Las Vegas got that name after the green meadows, which were present on that spot due to the water from underground artesian wells (the surrounding land is wasteland). That water enabled the founding of a city in the desert. Another important factor was the railroads built there, which connected Los Angeles and Salt Lake City.

Las Vegas was founded as a railway city on one of the stops. The city initially had only 45 hectares, but it grew rapidly. Today Las Vegas, with the surrounding area, has approximately 2,000,000 inhabitants and if it continues to grow at this rate it will probably surpass New York by the year 2040. The first legal casino, the Northern Club, was opened in 1931. Today, most casinos are located on the famous Strip, a road about 7 km long and surrounded by hotels and casinos.

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