1932: Hitler Receives German Citizenship only 11 Months before Becoming Chancellor

Photo Credit To https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/92/Drawing_of_Adolf_Hitler.jpg

It is curious that Adolf Hitler received German citizenship only 11 months before becoming chancellor of the same state. Namely, Hitler was not born in Germany, but in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, in the city of Braunau am Inn. When the Republic of Austria was formed in 1918, he was awarded Austrian citizenship. However, he renounced that citizenship on 7 April 1925.

Then, for almost 7 years, Adolf Hitler was a man without citizenship, living in Germany in the constant threat of deportation. Of course, without citizenship he was not even able to run for public office. He got it only on this day and after his Nazi Party received a share of power at the local level, so his party man provided him with citizenship through a connection.

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