What happened to the last king of Egypt?

What happened to the last king of Egypt?

Fuad II. was banished from Egypt as a 17-month-old baby.

On this day, the last king in Egypt’s history was born. His name was Fuad II. and it was the end of a monarchical tradition in Egypt that lasted almost 5000 years. Namely, the famous early rulers of Egypt had the titles of Pharaoh, as early as around 3000 BC. Cr. when the country was united for the first time under the rule of a single ruler. After the Pharaohs, Egypt was ruled by Roman emperors, then by the Muslim Caliphs, and then by the Sultans. It was not until 1922 that he took the Egyptian Sultan Fuad I title of King of Egypt.

The Last King of Egypt Fuad II. was the grandson of the aforementioned first King Fuad I. of the Muhammad Ali dynasty. Interestingly, this dynasty was actually of Albanian origin. Fuad II. he inherited the throne while still a baby of only 6 months. In total, his reign did not last a year, since he was overthrown on June 18, 1953, when Egypt was proclaimed a republic. So Fuad’s rule over Egypt lasted during his earliest childhood, when he was just learning to walk and speak.

After he was overthrown and expelled from Egypt, the young 17-month-old king was taken to Switzerland by his guardians, where he grew up. He later moved to France and in Paris married a French woman of Jewish descent, named Dominique-France Picard. She was named Fadil when converted to Islam. Fuad II. he is still alive today claiming the title of King of Egypt.

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