The Ming Dynasty conquered China

The Ming Dynasty conquered China

On January 23, 1368, the rule of the legendary Ming Dynasty in China began. This dynasty brought about the restoration of the Chinese imperial tradition, after almost a hundred years of rule by the Mongols (Genghis Khan’s descendants). The Ming Dynasty ruled China for 276 years, and is considered by some to be one of the most stable eras in all of human history.

The official beginning of the Ming Dynasty is the day when the first ruler of that dynasty, Hongwu, was proclaimed emperor. He was of modest descent and was able to take the lead of rebels who resisted the Mongol authorities. He soon put much of the Chinese territory under his control. He chose Nanjing as his capital, which was then the capital of the Ming Dynasty.

Emperor Hongwu established China as a centralized empire with a powerful state apparatus, in which everything was subordinate to the emperor. It is estimated that the size of the Chinese army in the time of Emperor Honwu surpassed the figure of one million people. During the Ming Dynasty, the production of ceramic items, which began to be exported even to Europe, progressed. China has become the most economically strong nation in the world, and the Ming Dynasty is generally considered one of China’s golden years.

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