The king of the greatest Empire in the history of mankind

The king of the greatest Empire in the history of mankind

George V. ruled the Empire that was larger in scope even than the Mongol Empire at its zenith.

On this day in 1936, a man who ruled over the largest territory of all people in history has died. It was about King George V. of Britain, who today is Queen Elizabeth II. was a grandfather. During the time of George V., the British colonial empire reached a point of greatest scope in its history, so that it was larger than even the famous Mongol Empire from the time of Genghis Khan’s successors.

King George V. reigned from 1910 to 1936. The British colonial empire was increasing until after the First World War. After the war, the British annexed considerable areas of the former colonies of defeated Germany. It is estimated that around 1922, just at the time of George V., the greatest reach was reached, when the empire covered about 33,200,000 square kilometers, nearly twice the size of the present-day Russian Federation.

Interestingly, King George V. was also crowned Emperor of India, at one time the most populous British colonial area. On the contrary, he personally attended the coronation in Delhi, which was done at the lavish Delhi Durbar in 1910. He was thus the only British monarch who was personally crowned Emperor of India (other monarchs, such as Kings Edward VII and George VI, bore the title of Emperors of India but were not really personally crowned in India). At the said coronation, George V. wore an Indian imperial crown with as many as 6,100 diamonds.

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