The first studio recordings of the legendary Nirvana (1988)

The first studio recordings of the legendary Nirvana (1988)

Just one year after its founding, Nirvana on 23.1.1988. recorded the first soundtracks in the studio. There were ten songs in the first demo. American record label Sub Pop has released Nirvana’s first album and is known for making their first contracts with young local bands.

Their single Love Buzz came out in November of the same year in just 1,000 copies, but they still had to wait for the album because of the financial difficulties the production company had run into. The single is a cover song of Love Buzz by the Dutch rock band Shocking Blue and appeared in 1969 on their album At Home. Nirvana made its first appearance on the UK charts with this song.

The Nirvana band was founded by schoolmates Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic in Seattle. Nirvana gained the most popularity with Smells Like Teen Spirit and Nevermind. In the spring of 1994, the group disbanded following the death of singer Kurt Cobain and 75 million sound carriers sold.

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