Robert I proclaimed himself anti-king (922)

Robert I proclaimed himself anti-king (922)

Robert I is also called Robert of France and was the younger son of Robert the Strong. He was born in 866 and belonged to the Robertian dynasty. His older brother was Odo of Paris, who ruled Western Franconia as the first king not from the Carolingian dynasty. Odo had no male heir and transferred to Robert I the counties of Paris, Angers, Tours, Orléans, Blois, Poitiers. In addition, he was the Margrave of Neustria, a lay abbot of numerous monasteries, which enabled him to dispose of Church money. It has long been thought that Robert I was a Frankish duke, but the document confirming this is actually false.

Robert I accumulated functions and titles until the Frankish nobles rebelled and appointed Charles III as anti-king. Carolingian, after which war broke out. Charles III he recognized Oda as king on the condition that he be his successor. Robert I retained all his functions, and was allowed to inherit the lands he ruled from his son. Robert I defended northern Francia from the Normans, but had to cede the city of Nantes to them.

Peace between Charles III. and Robert I. functioned until 921 until the nobility rebelled against the king. Namely, Charles III. favored Hagan, a member of the lower nobility of the Lorraine dynasty, whom they perceived as a foreigner. Therefore, some nobles refused to obey the king, so Hagano was dismissed. However, Charles decided to take the abbey of Chelles to Abbess Rothild, the stepmother of Robert’s son Hugo, and give it to Hagan. This angered both the nobility and the Robertines. Robert I took advantage of the situation and declared himself anti-king on 29.6. 922 in Reims, and the next day he was crowned archbishop.

Charles III he gathered an army and marched on the anti-king. Although Robert I died on June 15, 923. at the Battle of Soissons, his army won. His son Hugo refused to ascend the throne, so the new king became Robert’s stepson, Duke Rudolf of Burgundy.

Robert’s grandson Hugo Capet is the founder of the French Capet dynasty.

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