Rembrandt – Baroque master and brawler – 1606.

Rembrandt – Baroque master and brawler – 1606.

For a famous Dutch painter, it is enough to say just a personal name – Rembrandt. He was born on July 15, 1606, in the Dutch city of Leiden. His work coincided with the Golden Age, when the Netherlands experienced political, economic and artistic prosperity.

The full name of the famous artist is Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn. He opened his first studio in 1625 in his native Leiden and soon attracted attention. He became famous after leaving for Amsterdam a few years later. He was engaged in painting, drawing and graphics. He made portraits, painted landscapes and chose biblical and mythological themes. The most famous works are The Night’s Watch, Blinding Samson, Dr. Tulp’s Anatomy Hour, The Return of the Prodigal Son…

Rembrandt was known as a master of the chiaroscuro technique, which means that the relationship between the light and dark parts of the painting, ie light and shadow, was important to him. This technique was very popular in Baroque painting. He painted about 300 paintings and made about 300 graphics, while the number of drawings rises to over 2000. He liked to paint self-portraits, he made over 40. He liked to give his students the task of copying his self-portraits, and some of them are mugging or acting. historical figures.

He knew how to evoke sympathy with his paintings, and he wrote about painting as the most noble feelings. As a person he was very awkward, rude and selfish and often filed lawsuits. Although he gained great fame and fortune during his lifetime, he fell into financial trouble, went bankrupt and died in poverty in 1669.

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