Plane struck Mont Blanc Mountain – 1966.

Plane struck Mont Blanc Mountain – 1966.

All passengers and crew were killed, totaling 117 people. The remains of that Indian plane still lies on Mount Blanc today.

On January 24, 1966, an Air India aircraft struck Mont Blanc Mountain, killing all 117 passengers, including 106 passengers and 11 crew members on board a Boeing 707 aircraft from Bombay to London. The aircraft was scheduled to land at the Geneva Intersection, but on landing it struck Mont Blanc Mountain at an altitude of about 4 750 meters. The crash is believed to have been due to the pilot’s misplacement of the aircraft relative to Mont Blanc, due to a malfunctioning of one of the navigation devices. The pilot began to reduce the altitude of the aircraft prematurely, before fully traversing the mountain. The accident could have been avoided if the pilot had a good understanding of flight control, which signaled him a navigation error. However, due to misunderstandings, he began to decrease his height prematurely. The remains of that Indian aircraft still lie on Mont Blanc Mountain today. In 2013, for example, jewels carried on that flight were discovered, and in 2014 a single camera was found from that aircraft.

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