Paula Hitler – The Fuhrer’s sister he helped financially to death

Paula Hitler – The Fuhrer’s sister he helped financially to death

After the war, Paula Hitler changed her surname to Wolf to hide her identity. She never married or had any children.

On this day in 1896, Paula Hitler, the only real sister of Adolf Hitler to reach adulthood, was born. Hitler had four other siblings, but they all died as infants or young children. He also had an adult half-brother and half-sister, but they were not children of his mother (they were born by the first wife of Hitler’s father, Alois). Paula Hitler was, therefore, closest to his gender during Adolf’s adulthood (their father and mother died in 1903 and 1907, respectively).

Paula Hitler was almost seven years old from Adolf. She was born in Hafeld near Fischlham, Austria, where Hitler’s family resided for several years (Adolf attended the first two grades of the school in that area).

Adolf and Paula died father and mother relatively early. Their life paths then diverged greatly. However, in the early 1930s they came together again, and since then Hitler allegedly gave her financial aid until her death in 1945. Paula reportedly only saw Eva Brown once, and she reportedly saw Adolf on average only once a year.

After World War II, she lived in Vienna and Berchtesgaden, also known as Paula Wolf, to hide her identity. She survived until 1960, and died at the aforementioned Berchtesgaden at the age of 65. She never married and had no offspring, as far as is known.

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