Moshoeshoe II. – the first king of the African country of Lesotho

Moshoeshoe II. – the first king of the African country of Lesotho

Lesotho was a British colony and gained independence in 1960.

On this day in 1996, the first king in the history of Lesotho has died. It was named Moshoeshoe II and was born in 1938, at a time when the area of ​​Lesotho still belonged to the British colonial empire. At that time, the British colony in the area of ​​present-day Lesotho was called Basutoland.

Moshoeshoe II. he descended from a family of supreme chiefs of Basutoland. Interestingly, he was educated in Oxford. In 1960, he succeeded his father in the position of supreme chief of Basutoland. When Basutoland gained independence in 1966, under the name of the Kingdom of Lesotho, Moshoeshoe II. he became the first king of that state.

The Kingdom of Lesotho is located in the south of Africa and does not have access to the sea as it is surrounded on all sides by the territory of the Republic of South Africa. The area of ​​Lesotho is less than 30,355 square kilometers and has just over two million inhabitants.

It is very interesting that King Moshoeshoe II. he was a Roman Catholic by faith, and his successor, King Letsie III, is of the same faith. from Lesotho. Specifically, the Catholic faith is strong in Lesotho, and the Catholic Church has played a particularly important role in organizing the educational system of that country. About 90% of Lesotho’s residents are of the Christian faith, of whom about half are Catholic.

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