Mercedes breaks the world speed record

Mercedes breaks the world speed record

The world speed record for road vehicles was broken on January 28, 1938 in Hitler Germany. This record was achieved by a vehicle of the Mercedes-Benz W125 type, which was nicknamed Rekordwagen.

This Mercedes reached a top speed of 432.7 km / h, which remains the world record for driving on public roads (as opposed to racing and test lanes) to this day. The vehicle was driven by the famous Rudolf Caracciola, multiple car champion and member of the National Automobile Association (German National Socialist Kraftfahrkorps).

The record-breaking Mercedes had a 5576-cubic-inch V12 engine and 736 horsepower. It had 4 valves per cylinder and a DOHC camshaft system (two camshafts in the cylinder head). The record was broken on the state highway between Frankfurt and Darmstadt (aka Reichs-Autobahn A5).

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