Marshal Mortier killed by the infernal machine (1835)

Marshal Mortier killed by the infernal machine (1835)

On July 28, 1835, Marshal Édouard Adolphe Casimir Joseph Mortier was assassinated during an assassination attempt on the last French King Louis Philippe in Paris. The assassin fired from a homemade multi-barreled weapon (the so-called infernal machine), at a whole group of people that included French King Louis Philippe of the Orléans dynasty. The king was not killed, but only slightly wounded, but as many as 18 people were killed and many more were wounded, including the assassin. The weapon from which the shots were fired had about 20 barrels, and the projectiles were fired from them by the assassin Giuseppe Marco Fieschi, a Corsican who lived in France.

In addition to Marshal Mortier, two generals and a number of military officers were killed in the assassination. Marshal Mortier was previously the French Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, and it is interesting that he earned the marshal’s baton back in the time of Napoleon Bonaparte. Indeed, Marshal Mortier also received in Napoleon’s time the high title of Duke of Treviso, named after the Italian city of Treviso in the immediate hinterland of Venice. Marshal Mortier was 67 at the time of his death.

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