Marilyn Monroe married a famous baseball player

Marilyn Monroe married a famous baseball player

Marilyn and Joe spent their honeymoon in Japan, where there was a jealousy incident.

On this day, there was a wedding between actress Marilyn Monroe and the famous athlete, baseball star Joe DiMaggio. It was a civil wedding and it was arranged on the premises of a civil court. The venue and the weather were long hidden in front of the audience, but people did find out about it, so that 500 people eventually congested the hallways. The newlyweds spent their honeymoon in Japan, with the incident. Specifically, it was the time of the Korean War and Marilyn was invited to appear before U.S. troops in Korea. Against DiMaggio’s will, she responded and went from Japan to Korea, where she performed at 10 concerts in front of an audience of approximately 100,000 soldiers. Since then, their marriage has gone in the wrong direction. The next confrontation came when Marilyn was filming a famous scene where the wind lifted her dress. DiMaggio got angry so they had a loud altercation after that recording. They divorced at Marilyn’s request, just 274 days after the wedding.

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