Kosovo declared independence – 2008

Kosovo declared independence – 2008

To this day, Kosovo has largely not been recognized by countries that have substantial ethnic minorities and are afraid that the Kosovo example could trigger a wave of separatism.

Today marks the anniversary of Kosovo’s historic declaration of independence. Serbia declared the decision illegal and brought the case before the International Court of Justice. However, that court ruled that this declaration of independence was not contrary to international law.

Following the declaration of independence, the United States, the United Kingdom, Albania, France, Turkey, Costa Rica, Taiwan and Afghanistan were recognized immediately the next day. Within 10 days, it was still recognized by 13 countries, but Croatia was not among them, mostly because of fears of a Serb reaction. However, after a month, the Republic of Croatia also recognized Kosovo. Bosnia and Herzegovina has not yet officially recognized Kosovo as an independent state.

To date, about a hundred countries have recognized Kosovo’s independence. It has not yet been recognized by countries with substantial ethnic minorities and who fear that the Kosovo example could trigger a wave of separatism in those minorities. In addition, he was not recognized by the Serbian sympathizers. Until 2013, Kosovo was not recognized by Russia, China, Spain, India, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Ukraine and eighty other countries.

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