Kate Middleton – The Future British Queen

Kate Middleton – The Future British Queen

On January 9, 1982, Kate Middleton, the present-day Duchess of Cambridge, was born.

Given that she is married to a future British Crown Prince, Kate should become Queen of Great Britain in the future. Indeed, this should happen unless she or her husband die prematurely, if they divorce in the meantime, or if the monarchy is abolished in the UK. Born in Reading, London, Kate Middleton grew up mostly in Chapel Row, England. Since her parents worked for British Airways, Kate spent part of her childhood even in Jordan. She met Prince William, her later husband, while studying art history at St Andrews University in Scotland. Kate Middleton is neither royal nor aristocratic in origin, which makes her stand out in British history (for comparison, Princess Diana was not royal but was aristocratic in origin as the daughter of earl, ie Count).

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