Johnny Cash’s concert at Folsom Prison – 1968.

Johnny Cash’s concert at Folsom Prison –  1968.

Performance at Folsom Prison became famous, and the record released as an album had a millionaire edition.

On this day in 1968, musician Johnny Cash played live at the US Folsom Prison. It is a prison located in the US state of California, some 30 kilometers from the California capital of Sacramento. Interestingly, Johnny Cash wrote and recorded the Folsom Prison Blues song back in 1955, almost 13 years earlier (his inspiration came from watching the movie Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison as a member of US forces in Germany). This song became popular with prisoners, so he was invited to perform in prisons. Indeed, before he performed at Folsom Prison to this day, he performed his songs in other prisons.

The performance at Folsom Prison, held to this day, became famous as its record labeled album reached a million copies. In addition, Folsom Prison bore the same name as the Folsom Prison Blues song mentioned. Cash held two concerts at the prison the same day, one in the morning and the other after noon. Much of the songs he performed had to do with prison life. Of course, at both concerts the first song he performed was Folsom Prison Blues. By the way, at the time of his execution at Folsom Prison, Cash was 36 years of age.

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