Habsburg military leader Count of Bucquoy killed (1621)

Habsburg military leader Count of Bucquoy killed (1621)

On July 10, 1621, Charles Bonaventure de Longueval, Count of Bucquoy, Habsburg military leader, was killed. He was born in 1571 in the city of Arras, and entered the service of the Spanish Habsburgs as a young man.

The Count of Bucquoy commanded the Habsburg army in the fateful Battle of White Mountain (Czech: Bílá Hora), in which a decisive victory over the Czech Protestant nobility was won. This battle was crucial to the break of Protestant supremacy in the Czech lands, and after it a huge number of native Czech nobles lost their possessions.

Due to his military victories, the Count received land from Bucquoy in the Czech Republic, in the part closer to Austria (Nové Hrady, Rožmberk and Libějovice).

The death of the Count of Bucquoy occurred during the siege of Érsekújvár in Hungary (today Nové Zámky in Slovakia). It was a war waged by the Habsburg army against the troops of Gábor Bethlen, Prince of Transylvania.

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