First use of ejection seat on aircraft – 1942.

First use of ejection seat on aircraft – 1942.

From the airplane Heinkel He 280, the ejection seat was first used by Nazi pilot Helmut Schenk.

On this day in 1942, the ejection seat on the aircraft was used for the first time in a real situation. It happened in the area of Hitler’s Third Reich, in the midst of World War II. It was a prototype of the Heinkel He 280, one of the first turbojet aircraft in history.

German pilot Helmut Schenk ejected from Heinkel He 280 today. His reason for leaving the aircraft with the ejector seat was allegedly the freezing of the aircraft’s control surfaces in winter conditions. The ejection took place in northern Germany, about halfway between Berlin and the Baltic Sea, at an altitude of about 2,400 meters.

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