1959: First Disco in the World – A Consequence of Greed?

1959: First Disco in the World – A Consequence of Greed?
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Story Highlights

  • historical event:
  • The first disco in history was opened because the owner of a music hall didn't want to hire a band (i.e. offer live music). It was much cheaper to simply use a gramophone.

The first disco in the world was opened on this day, back in 1959. Before that, all music halls had live music. A music hall named the Scotch-Club was opened in Aachen, Germany. Its owner didn’t want to hire a band, and so he decided to use a gramophone. A journalist named Klaus Quirini happened to be in the hall during that night, and felt bored, like most of the other patrons. He therefore took command over the gramophone and, using a style reminiscent of radio hosts, announced each upcoming song while selecting the next one. The first song he played was “Ein Schiff wird kommen” by Lale Andersen. His style was met with great approval, and so he started working as the first DJ in history, calling himself DJ Heinrich.

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