ETA established (1959)

ETA established (1959)

The Basque organization fighting for national independence, ETA, was founded on 31 May 1959. The abbreviation ETA means the term Euskadi ta Askatasuna, which in the Basque language roughly means the Basque homeland and freedom. The Basques are one of the most specific peoples in Europe, whose language is not related to other European languages. There are even theories about the Basques as the aborigines of Europe, as opposed to the settled peoples who make up the majority of the population of that continent.

ETA had the status of a terrorist organization, even according to the official designation of the American and British governments. The political goal of ETA is to achieve an independent Basque state in the area of ​​northern Spain and southern France. For decades, ETA has used violent terrorist actions, but in 2011 it was announced that its armed form of combat would be completely abolished. During the Franco regime, ETA was particularly persecuted, and interestingly, there are also right-wing anti-ETA organizations in Spain.

ETA voluntarily disarmed in 2017, and was officially abolished this year.

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