Establishment of the US Southern Confederation

Establishment of the US Southern Confederation

The American Southern State known from the Civil War was founded on February 4, 1861. It was called the Confederate States, or more specifically the Confederate States of America.

It was founded by US states that have left the US in recent months. Specifically, southern states began to withdraw from the United States after Abraham Lincoln won the 1860 presidential election. South Carolina was the first to go, followed by a number of other slave states. A total of 11 states were members of the Confederation. They were South Carolina, North Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee, Florida, Louisiana.

Interestingly, the first Confederate capital, in which it was proclaimed, was Montgomery, Alabama. This city is located in the American deep south and later became famous in the 20th century for racial strife. At the end of May 1861 the capital was moved to Richmond, Virginia.

The Confederate leader, with the title of President, was elected Jefferson Davis, originally from Kentucky (Northern President Abraham Lincoln was also from Kentucky). Jefferson Davis was a distinguished educator, graduating from the famous West Point, and was formerly US Secretary of Defense and Senator.

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