Dracula’s night attack on Sultan Mehmed II. – 1462.

Dracula’s night attack on Sultan Mehmed II. – 1462.

On this day, Vlad Tepes Dracula carried out a night attack on the camp of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror in an attempt to decapitate the Ottoman army.

Vlad Tepes Dracula was a famous fighter against the Ottoman Empire from the territory of the principality of Wallachia in present-day Romania. His rival was the powerful Sultan Mehmed II. Conqueror, known for the conquest of Constantinople and the expansion of the Ottoman Empire all the way to Bosnia and the borders of Croatia. A conflict broke out between Dracula and the sultan when Tepes refused to pay the jizya, a special tax that Christians had to pay to the Ottomans.

Namely, Dracula’s Wallachia was then in a kind of vassal status towards the sultan. The sultan became even more angry when Dracula broke into the sultan’s Bulgaria and impaled more than 23,000 Turks and Bulgarians (he was nicknamed the Rammer). The Sultan launched a large army against the rebellious Dracula and invaded the Vlach capital Târgovişte.

On the night of June 17, 1462, Dracula carried out a counterattack by carrying out an attack directly on the Sultan’s camp. Dracula’s intention was to kill the sultan and thus behead his army. The assassination of the sultan, however, failed. The next day, however, the sultan’s army near Trgovište encountered another 20,000 Turks and Bulgarians impaled. This shattered Ottoman morale and the sultan had to withdraw from Wallachia with his army.

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