Division of Austria into four occupation zones (1945)

Division of Austria into four occupation zones (1945)

The division of Austria into four occupation zones: American, British, French and Soviet, was agreed on July 9, 1945. Carinthia, most of Styria and eastern Tyrol fell under the British zone. Salzburg and most of Upper Austria fell under the American zone, and Tyrol and Vorarlberg fell under the French zone. The rest of Upper Austria, the whole of Lower Austria and Burgenland (Burgenland) in a way went through the worst because they fell under the Soviet zone, somewhat similar to the area of ​​East Germany.

The first steward of the American zone was General Mark Clark, who had previously been commander of American forces on the battlefield in Italy (the first to enter Rome after the departure of the Germans). The first administrator of the British zone in Austria was General Sir Richard McCreery, and the French General Marie Émile Antoine Béthouart. In the Soviet zone, the first governor was the famous Marshal of the Soviet Union, Ivan Stjepanovic Konjev, who later became the supreme commander of the Warsaw Pact forces. The city of Vienna was also divided into four zones, with the narrow center of the city being under the rotational administration of all four powers.

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