Anthony Eden – British Prime Minister, Minister and Lord – 1977

Anthony Eden – British Prime Minister, Minister and Lord – 1977

Anthony Eden married for the second time Winston Churchill’ niece, who was his boss at the time of his second term as Foreign Secretary.

On this day, in 1977, Anthony Eden, formerly British Prime Minister and holder of numerous other political functions, died over a long period of time. Namely, Eden was the British Foreign Secretary on three occasions (1935-1938, 1940-1945 and 1951-1955). This meant that he was the head of British diplomacy during World War II, as well as at an important time before the outbreak of that war. In addition, he was for a time Minister of Defense and Minister for British Dominion Affairs. Anthony Eden was of distinguished descent. Specifically, his direct male ancestor was Sir Robert Eden, the last British governor of the Maryland colony in North America. This ancestor received the title of Baronet of Maryland (Baronet of Maryland), which is why the name of the cheese was put before him. Prime Minister Anthony Eden’s mother was Sibyl Frances Gray, the great-grandson of General Charles Gray, who received the title. The son of that first Earl of Gray was British Prime Minister Charles Gray, the second Earl of Gray, named after the famous Earl Gray Tea. It is interesting that Anthony Eden was given the title of Earl of Avon after leaving the prime minister’s office, and was called Lord Avon until his death. Otherwise, the British Earl title in rank is similar to the Earl title in the rest of Europe. Eden died at the age of 80, near the English city of Salisbury. Interestingly, Eden’s second wife was Clarissa Spencer-Churchill, an aristocrat to whom Prime Minister Winston Churchill was an uncle.

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