Americans lost thermonuclear bomb (1958)

Americans lost thermonuclear bomb (1958)

On February 5, 1958, one of the most unusual nuclear incidents in history occurred. Specifically, a nuclear-powered B-47 Stratojet bomber collided with an F-86 fighter jet. To prevent the detonation of the bomb, a crew of bombers dropped it from the aircraft and dropped it offshore near the coast of Georgia. The bomb weighed 3450 pounds and probably rammed into the sandy seabed.

Several attempts were made to locate and retrieve it from the sea, but none succeeded. To this day, there is concern that the bomb case may rust due to seawater and begin releasing radioactive substances into the sea. Observations so far do not indicate an increased amount of radiation in the area. Otherwise, this type of bomb is thermonuclear Mark 15 type and has a power of several megatons.

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