Allied bombing of Dresden (1945)

Allied bombing of Dresden (1945)

Allied bombing of German Dresden began on 2/13/1945. It is often compared to the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. For three days, 1300 heavy bombers dropped bombs on Dresden. The bombs were flammable, designed to cause firestorms in the city and thus increase damage.

Such random bombing of civilian targets was against international conventions of war. The beautiful Baroque city of Dresden has been destroyed almost completely. Among the allies, the inhumane act is usually charged with the commander of the RAF Bomber Command, Chief Air Marshal Arthur Harris, who was nicknamed Bomber Harris and Butcher (Butcher). Still, it is hard to say how responsible he was and how much I am Prime Minister Churchill. In any case, no one was ever held accountable for these acts, and Harris was even discovered a monument in London, despite protests from Germany.

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