269: Who was St. Valentine?

269: Who was St. Valentine?
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Let us see what the stories about St. Valentine have to say and why is St. Valentine’s Day associated with people in love.

It is necessary to admit that reliable historical data about Christian martyr St. Valentine is lacking. Today’s custom of celebrating Valentine’s Day as a day of lovers probably comes from the fact that the day of the goddess Juno was celebrated on 14th February in Ancient Rome. She was considered a patroness of marriage and family, and because of that date, these qualities were transferred to St. Valentine.

Tradition about St. Valentine says that he was a Christian priest in Rome in the 3rd century, and revered among Christians and non-Christians. Learning of his wisdom, the Emperor Claudius II invited him to visit. He asked him how he could live in superstition if he is such a wise man. Saint Valentine explained his Christian faith to him and almost persuaded him to become a Christian. However, the emperor was afraid of the people’s reaction so he handed over the saint to the city prefect. This one had him beaten and his head cut off.

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