1992: McDonalds’ Murders

1992: McDonalds’ Murders
Photo Credit To https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Sydney_River_NS_McDonald%27s_Killings.jpg

On this day one McDonald’s employee named Derek Wood (18) decided to rob the restaurant in which he worked. Together with his two friends – MacNeil Freeman (23) and Darren Muise (18) – he went to his restaurant after closing time, while the employees were still inside. The restaurant was located in the town of Sydney River in Canada.

The three burglars entered through the basement door, which Wood had deliberately left open while he worked at the restaurant earlier that evening. They hoped to find about $200,000 in the safe. However, there was a fight with the employees and the robbers started shooting. They killed two men and one girl with a .22 caliber pistol, while one girl remained permanently disabled after they shot her in the head.

They managed to steal a little more than $ 2,000, but were later arrested and sentenced to long prison terms. Interestingly, the youngest of the attackers, Darren Muise, invested some of his money while still in prison, so that he earned millions of dollars from stocks of BlackBerry.

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