1982: Zeng Jinlian – The Tallest Woman in Recorded History

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This day marked the death of Chinese woman Zeng Jinlian, the tallest woman in recorded history according to the Guinness Book of Records.

Namely, Zeng Jinlian was 248 centimeters tall. However, due to a spinal deviation, she couldn’t stand fully erect without assistance. She died at the age of only 17, and was the oldest recorded person in the entire world (including both women and men) at the moment of her death.

In comparison, the tallest man in history – the American Robert Wadlow – was 272 centimeters tall and also died young (aged 22). Zeng Jinlian had a growth pattern similar to Wadlow’s, and actually grew even faster than him – at the age of 17 she was several millimeters taller than he was.

Since she died so young it remains unknown how tall would she have grown had she lived longer. Already at the age of 13 she was 217 centimeters tall, while she was 240 at the age of 16.

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