1981: Five Items with which Bob Marley was Laid into his Grave

1981: Five Items with which Bob Marley was Laid into his Grave
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On this day, at the age of only 36 years, the famous Jamaican musician Bob Marley died. The cause of death was cancer. In fact, Marley had been diagnosed with a type of malignant skin cancer called acral lentiginous melanoma around five years previously. That melanoma developed under one of his toenails. Despite the warnings that the toe should be amputated, Marley refused for religious reasons. In fact, his Rastafarian faith apparently does not allow cutting off body parts.

The cancer spread to his lungs and brain and on this day Marley died in a hospital in Miami. The last words to his son Ziggy were “Money can’t buy life” (by which he referred to his unsuccessful struggle with cancer despite the money spent). He was buried in Jamaica with five items in his grave: his electric guitar (Gibson Les Paul), a Bible, a soccer ball, a bud of marijuana, and a ring that he constantly wore. He left behind a dozen children, and to his eldest son he gave the nickname Ziggy, a slang term for a small joint.

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