1961: Adolf Eichmann’s Trial Begins in Israel

1961: Adolf Eichmann’s Trial Begins in Israel
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Adolf Eichmann was during World War II the SS-Obersturmbannführer responsible for the deportation of Jews to concentration camps. After the war ended, he managed to escape to Argentina. There he worked a variety of jobs – he was a foreman in Mercedes factory, and even a rabbit breeder. The CIA allegedly knew about him, but took no action because his arrest was not in the interest of the American and West German government.

Israel, on the contrary, was dedicated to finding Eichmann. The Israelis caught him in a suburb of Buenos Aires when he was returning home from work in Mercedes factory. Israeli agents secretly smuggled him from Argentina to Israel. Eichmann’s trial began on this day in Jerusalem and became an international sensation. He was found guilty on all counts. He was sentenced to death and executed by hanging on 31 May 1962. It was the only civil execution in the history of Israel, which normally does not have the death penalty.

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