1957: Birth of Wealthiest Man in India – Mukesh Ambani

1957: Birth of Wealthiest Man in India – Mukesh Ambani
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On this day in 1957, the wealthiest man in India – Mukesh Ambani – was born. His fortune is estimated at over 20 billion dollars. Among other things, he is known as the owner of the most expensive residence in the world, the building named “Antilia”. Its value is estimated at one billion dollars. It has 27 floors and is located in Bombay (Mumbai).

Interestingly, Mukesh Ambani is a committed Hindu who, because of his religion, apparently does not eat meat or drink alcohol. He reportedly watches three Bollywood movies per week. Apparently, his wife performs classical Indian dances for one hour every morning.

Ambani’s company – Reliance Industries Limited – owns the largest oil refinery complex in the world and is the most valuable Indian company by market capitalization. Mukesh inherited this company from his father, the founder of this business empire. His father made his fortune because he correctly predicted that the future of the textile industry in India lies in polyester. They later expanded from the production of polyester fabrics to other petrochemical industries, and more recently to telecommunications.

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