1956: Tunisia Becomes an Independent Kingdom

1956: Tunisia Becomes an Independent Kingdom
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Tunisia became an independent kingdom on this day in 1956. Bey Muhammad VIII al-Amin, then became the new king, addressed as His Royal Highness. His former title, bey, was a holdover from the time when Tunisia was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. On this day Tunisia declared its independence from France. Namely, Tunisia was a French protectorate from back in the 1880s, and the French called the mentioned Muhammad VIII al-Amin “Lamine Bey”. The last French colonial governor in Tunisia was Roger Seydoux Fornier de Clausonne.

However, the monarchy was abolished soon after independence. Namely, already in 1957, Tunisia became a republic headed by President Habib Bourguiba. An interesting fact is that the current Tunisian presidential palace is located very near the ruins of the ancient city of Carthage.

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