1956: Wedding of Grace Kelly and the Prince of Monaco

1956: Wedding of Grace Kelly and the Prince of Monaco
Photo Credit To Wikipedia Commons / The Prince and Princess of Monaco arrive at the White House for a luncheon, 1961

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  • Historical event
  • 18 April 1956
  • Interestingly, the family of Grace Kelly had to collect $ 2 million as a dowry. The Kellys are an American Catholic family of Irish descent.

One of the most spectacular weddings in history took place on this day. Namely, the movie star Grace Kelly married Rainier Grimaldi, the reigning prince of the Principality of Monaco.

The two met the previous year when Grace took part in a photo session in the palace of the Principality of Monaco. She returned to the U.S., but there was still an active correspondence between them.

At the end of that year Rainier came to visit the U.S., where the media speculated that he was actually searching for a wife.

He met with Kelly and her family, and proposed to her after only three days. She agreed, and preparations for the wedding began.

Interestingly, Grace Kelly’s family had to collect $ 2 million as a dowry. On this day in the Palace Throne Room of Monaco a civil ceremony was held, lasting 40 minutes. The ceremony was watched by 30 million people on television.

The next day, the church ceremony took place at Saint Nicholas Cathedral in Monaco. Many celebrities were among the guests, such as the Aga Khan, Ava Gardner, and Conrad Hilton.

After the wedding, the Prince and his new Princess sailed for their seven-week Mediterranean honeymoon cruise aboard the Principality yacht.

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