1954: Meteorite Strikes a Woman – Inside a House!

1954: Meteorite Strikes a Woman – Inside a House!
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  • historical event: An unusual event happened in the U.S. state of Alabama on this day in 1954, when a meteorite fell from space and hit young woman Ann Elizabeth Hodges.

The first recorded case in history that a meteorite from outer space hit a human being occured on this day. It happened in the town of Sylacauga, Alabama, at 2:46 p.m. local time. A grapefruit-sized meteorite broke through the roof of a wooden house, bounced off the wooden radio and hit a woman who was resting on a couch in the side.

The woman was named Ann Elizabeth Hodges and was 31. She was not seriously injured by the impact because breaking through the roof had greatly slowed the meteorite down. It was classified as a stony chondritic meteorite. The U.S. Air Force sent a helicopter to fetch the meteorite, but the injured woman’s husband hired a lawyer to return the stone. The owner of the damaged house, from whom the Hodges’s rented an apartment, thought that the meteorite actually belongs to him and he was going to cover the cost of repairing the house by selling it.

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