1946: Draža Mihailović Executed

1946: Draža Mihailović Executed
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  • Historical event
  • 17 July 1946
  • Tito's Yugoslav communist authorities found Draža Mihailović guilty of war crimes and high treason. Mihailović was sentenced to death.

On this day in 1946, the Yugoslav communist authorities executed the famous Chetnik leader Draža Mihailović. 

Four months before Mihailović’s execution, the Partisans captured him near Višegrad, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Trial of Draža Mihailović et al. began on 10 June in Belgrade (Topčider).

Mihailović was convicted of war crimes and high treason. He was sentenced to death.

Draža Mihailović and eight Chetniks were executed in Lisičji Potok, only one hundred meters from the former royal palace (the White Palace).

It has remained unknown where his grave is located. It is interesting to note that many Serbs considered that the trial was influenced by the Communist authorities.

It is interesting to note that the Americans posthumously awarded Mihailović the Legion of Merit for the rescue of hundreds of American pilots during World War II. The mentioned award was presented to his daughter Gordana in 2005, during the Bush Administration.

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